Why would I use storage?

If you’re moving house and you need to temporarily store furniture, renovating your home or moving abroad and need to keep household possessions safe.  It could be that your hobby or sports equipment is taking over the house and you just don’t have enough space at home. Companies use self-storage to keep archives and files safely secured, freeing up space in the office. You may want to store excess stock, exhibition and event equipment or trade supplies. Whatever it is, we can probably help you.

Are my contents Insured?

We don’t insure your contents for you. As part of our storage agreement with you, you are responsible for insuring your own contents to a suitable value.

What about condensation and damp?

Our containers are treated with a spray insulation foam to reduce the variation in temperature changes and thus condensation. Our containers are completely waterproof and are designed to spend a long time on container ships at sea. We do suggest trying to avoid bringing sources of moisture into the container. Each container has several ventilation areas, but any water or vapour source brought into the container will evaporate and then take time to escape. If any of your items contain water or fluids, we would suggest that they are drained before storing such as fridges, freezers etc.

Is there anything that I can’t store?

Animals, perishable goods/foods, plants, explosives, firearms, or flammable items. Please don’t store anything that could leak and damage the container flooring. If there is anything outside of the above list that you’re not sure about, please ask.

When can I access my storage container?

We ask that you only visit between the hours of 0800 and 2000; Visits outside these times must be pre arranged with us.

How long can I keep my stuff in storage?

There is no time limit, as long as you want.

How much notice do I need to give?

We require 2 week’s notice. On the day of departure (or before) you will need to clean out the container and hand back the key. After that, if all is in order we will return your deposit within 14 working days plus any over payment.

What padlock do I need?

We will provide a padlock and key;

How do I book a container?

Either call 07720 449888, complete our enquiry form or book and pay online. We will send you a simple terms and conditions storage agreement to sign and then you’re ready to go.

When and how do I pay?

When you first sign up, you pay for the first month and any lock deposit required. Then from the second month onwards, all our customers are on our automated payments system. This system emails an invoice to you each month after automatically charging your debit/credit card each month. You don’t have to do anything and when you leave, we just cancel this and then refund any rental over-payment including your lock deposit to your account.